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  • The Sacred Flame Set is a captivating and spiritually-inspired jewelry ensemble that exudes a sense of divine energy and elegance. This exquisite set features a pair of enchanting earrings and a matching ring, each thoughtfully crafted with intricate details.
  • The earrings in the Sacred Flame Set are designed as mesmerizing hangings that gently sway with every movement, adding grace and allure to the wearer. The dark maroon, dark orange, and yellow beads are carefully arranged in a harmonious sequence, evoking the colors of a mesmerizing flame.Together, these colors form a vivid and symbolic representation of the sacred flame, signifying spiritual growth and transformation.
  • The ring in the Sacred Flame Set complements the earrings perfectly. It features a brass wire-wrapped dark maroon cylindrical bead as its centerpiece. The cylindrical shape of the bead resembles a mini-torch, symbolizing the eternal flame of wisdom and divine knowledge.
  • The Sacred Flame Set is bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone who beholds its beauty and significance.

Sacred Flame Set

SKU: D6243
₹840.00 Regular Price
₹420.00Sale Price