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The Cursed Vermilion Earrings are a pair of ornate, yet foreboding, pieces of jewelry with a dark and mysterious history. Crafted from lustrous vermillion-hued metal, these earrings possess an unsettling allure that draws the attention of anyone who beholds them. They consist of intricate, twisted designs, showcasing a blend of delicate filigree . The Cursed Vermilion Earrings possess a magnetic quality, drawing individuals who are drawn to the macabre and those willing to take risks for power or beauty. Some see the allure of the curse as a form of dark temptation, while others are unsuspecting victims who stumble upon them, unaware of their ominous nature.

Cursed Vermilion Earrings

SKU: D6165
₹540.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price