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The Antique Handmade Tibetan Phurba is a unique and fascinating piece of art and history. This traditional Tibetan ritual object, also known as a "ritual dagger" or "magic stake," is believed to have spiritual and mystical powers, and is commonly used in Tibetan Buddhism for various spiritual purposes. This particular phurba is handmade using iron, which gives it a distinctive and rustic appearance. The iron is crafted into a long, thin, three-sided blade that tapers to a sharp point. The blade is adorned with intricate etchings and symbols that are meant to represent spiritual and cosmic forces. As an antique piece, this Handmade Tibetan Phurba represents not only the spiritual beliefs and practices of Tibetan Buddhism but also the traditional craftsmanship and artistry of the region. Its age and unique character make it a valuable and interesting addition to any collection of spiritual or cultural artifacts.

Antique Handmade Tibetan Iron Phurba

SKU: D6025
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