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  • The markings tell us this piece tell us that it is from the early 20th century. very well made and has a clean back unlike many other pieces showing its true craftmanship. The lamp is conceived as a vehicle through which the divine can be accessed.
  • Lamps are used in rituals as well as religious or temple settings, in order to propitiate the gods. During the countless festivals that punctuate the Hindu and Buddhist years, the lamp plays a pivotal role as a mechanism that allows the faithful to focus their concentration on the image or nature of the deity. 
  • The Vintage Vedha Deepa which consists Gajalakshmi is not just a religious artifact but also a representation of the rich cultural heritage of India. It reflects the skillful craftsmanship and artistic traditions passed down through generations.

Vintage Gajalakshmi Oil Lamp

SKU: D6030
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