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Since 1941


Dharte, deriving its name from the Sanskrit term for Mother Earth.

Ambrit Thadani established Dharte in 1941 with a focus on providing building and lifestyle products. While initially centered on cement sheets and therapeutic aids, the company's growth was driven by a deep spiritual energy, prompting the expansion of its offerings to include Spiritual and Dharma products for the betterment of overall wellness. These sacred offerings are distributed through a network of independent sales representatives. After originally being headquartered in Karachi, the company relocated to Mumbai following the India-Pakistan partition. As the chief architect and product designer, Ambrit Thadani's profound wisdom has played an essential role in shaping the range of products that Dharte offers today.

As ambassadors of divine holy artifacts, spiritual services, and practice provisions, our primary objective is to make authentic and sanctified items easily accessible to seekers worldwide. We are committed to aiding and uplifting practitioners in comprehending the genuine essence and application of our offerings, particularly those who follow the paths of Buddhism, Hinduism, Ayurveda, and Yoga. Our mission is to serve as a reliable source of guidance and support on your spiritual journey.

Our Advisors.

At Dharte, we hold steadfast in the sacred teachings of divine entities and embrace an infinite journey of spiritual evolution that knows no bounds.

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Amanvir Kaur

Amanvir Kaur founded Infinite Wellness in 2016, focusing on health and lifestyle synergy. She upholds values of faith, truth, discipline, love, commitment, and service. With a background of growing up in the Indian Army premises and getting married on the Indian Air Force campus, Amanvir has a wide range of exposure to various lifestyles and human relations. She takes pride in being an adaptable daughter, supportive spouse, and motivating mother, even during challenging times for the nation. Amanvir sets an example of happiness and virtues through her conduct and lifestyle.

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B.Sivaramappa, M.Sc (Yoga) is the visionary founder of Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA) in Bengaluru, India. PSSA is a registered spiritual Trust, affiliated with the esteemed Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) PSSA's mission is to share the ancient wisdom of Meditation and Spiritual Science with individuals worldwide, facilitating their holistic spiritual growth. The academy operates nationally and globally, fostering a universal understanding of meditation and Spiritual Science.


Sonam Paldon

Sonam, born in Tibet, had to flee to India at the age of eight with her Buddhist nun sister due to difficult circumstances. She has since lived in India for 25 years, working as a French-speaking guide and a well-being and spiritual travel expert for a decade. Sonam's personal journey of self-healing through yoga has inspired her to share her knowledge and benefit others. Through her business Loving Tara, she aims to guide individuals on their personal journey towards inner peace and self-discovery.

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